Getting Support for your Project

Today I welcome a guest blog from Lydia Valeriano.  Here she shares how to get support for a local project to inspire others.

Many of June’s readers will be aware June was the driving force behind our very well received anthology Under One Sky.  June was able to facilitate this project with the financial support from an Arts Queensland RADF Grant. This grant went some way to pay project contributors for their time to bring the work to life. What it did not include was printing costs.

To cover these costs we set to the streets and used out own networks to obtain sponsorship from local businesses, individuals and community groups.  Thankfully we were able to find enough support within our networks as it had been a very quiet economic year for the Cassowary Coast and we received a lot of ‘sorry, not at the moment’ responses when cold calling businesses.  We had also put together three sponsorship packages with the aim of attracting a few larger sponsors, a few more in the middle category and quite a few at the lower end. Many of our own members (of the Licuala Writers) were able to sponsor the project in this way.

To make sponsorship attractive you need to outline the case for your project, why is it unique and special and why should it be supported? In our case it would be a defining moment for writers in our region as we had been developing our group since 2004 and a group publication would be a great achievement (with quite a few local writers seeing their names in print for the first time). The anthology would also serve as a tourism product for our region, promoting all that is unique about living in our tropical environment.  We also outlined promotional benefits to our sponsors; depending on the level of sponsorship taken they would receive exposure on our website, inclusion on flyers, programs and other promotional material. As you can see in the article above, some were also published in the local paper!

So while it may be daunting to think about embarking on such a project, with all the time and costs involved, there are various ways of attracting financial support to help you. For more information on RADF Grant funding (for QLD), visit their website.

The Under One Sky is an anthology of poetry, prose, fiction and memoir. Contributing writers are from the regional Cassowary Coast in far north Queensland, Australia. The book was compiled and developed by project leader Dr June Perkins of the Licuala WINQ Writers. Many of the Licuala WINQ Writers also feature in the book. Please visit the book’s website and connect with us on Facebook.

Lydia Valeriano, for Licuala WINQ writers.

One thought on “Getting Support for your Project

  1. Thank you for including our post and for hosting us on our mini ‘virtual book tour’. We are looking forward to conducting a longer tour in a few months. And thank you June, for all your leadership with this project, it would not have been achieved without your vision and hard work.


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