Dream Box at Murray Upper

Me with Students at Murray Upper – Taken by ABC Open

A day for dreaming, big, small, surreal and real.  I had a brilliant time helping out and gaining some audio sound training with ABC Open producer Michael Bromage. Mini interviews with all the kids and some of the staff at Murray Upper were so much fun.

We asked all the kids to share their dreams, what they want to do in the future, or what they want to see in the world.  They promptly wrote them out on a chalk board, and if they felt inspired to draw, illustrated them.

Chalk – By June Perkins

Can’t wait to see those photo sets on-line.  The hard-working Michael will have them up as quick as he can.  Some of the previews I saw were looking so cool.  Jumping kids in shoelaces,  cute kids with smiles sharing dreams of ‘snake training’, motorbikes, horse riding, zoo keeping,  saving the trees, and world peace – this is what happens when you ask kids to dream.

A long with Dream Box, the Murray Upper kids of all backgrounds, shared their dreams – you could call it a ‘Murray Upper Dream Box.’  What an inspiration those kids are with the coloured chalk of the world at their finger tips.

Tennis racquets, forests, jungles, adventurers, working for world peace,  netballers, soccer players, there are so many dreams and so many people.  Perhaps the most brilliant dream of all is that everyone has the chance to achieve their dreams and the tools to make them possible.  As for me I even had a chance to share my dream – it might involve something to do with the whole world Smiling…

Thanks to the Murray Upper School, the Principal Kayte Gillinder, and all the staff who took a bit of time to dream, and a big thankyou to Amber, a brilliant assistant who called in each dreamer to take their place in front of the spotlight.

Michael with awesome assistant! – By June Perkins

Will let you know when those links are up ! Looking forward to seeing some sound mixed with the photographs.  Looking forward to some of those dreams coming true.

(c) June Perkins

3 thoughts on “Dream Box at Murray Upper

  1. I love the photo of you looking at the kids. Your face shows them how interested you are in what they are saying and doing. I love seeing this and other images of adults working with children in ways that support, encourage, and boost self-esteem and self-confidence. It is so obvious that you do what you love, June. I am looking forward to seeing the photos.


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