Trip into the Misty Mountains


On Mother’s Day we went for a mystery drive into the Misty Mountains.

We hadn’t been there before because it’s 4wd country and we haven’t owned a 4wd before this year.

So the kids were excited at what we might find.


Every now and then we stopped for a look into the valleys and the light shone on us and guided us on our way.


We passed many streams of chuckling water and oodles of green, and even saw a young cassowary, he was too fast for my camera.

We saw one of my hubby’s old students stopped by the side of the road, I think with his grandfather.

We met another adventurer on our way back who asked us how far we had gone.

He had been on the road before but wanted to make sure it still went all the way.

We weren’t sure as we had turned back due to not enough petrol and to get to the Tully Gorge.


We ended up near the Tully gorge, and the kids skipped pebbles in the water with their Dad.

We  saw flocks of butterflies eating some of their favourite food.

It was an amazing day, which ended with us all wanting to go back there with more time and a picnic lunch.

Maybe we’ll even head further along that misty mountain trail and do a few walks.

(c) June Perkins.

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