Secret Caves and Picnic Baskets to Adventure

Where stories like the Famous Five are set – June Perkins

There are places which scream out tell my story; hanging rocks and secret caves among them.

This cave near Tully Gorge is such a place and has both.  It is the stuff of children’s adventures.

I can see the Famous Five rowing out to the caves with a boat, and stopping for a while to search out clues to a mystery.

Swallows and Amazons – what a series – and another book where such a place could be sailed by.

I loved to read mysteries as a child, and even wrote a clue driven story when I was ten.   But my writing journeys took a twist and turned to poetry, but now I think so many kinds of writing beckon.  What would I write as mystery?  Will I try some fantasy?  Some memoir?  Or will like writers who like to keep a bit of mystery will I combine all genres and leave the future generations to work out what exactly my future books will fall into.

My nanowrimo novel calls to me and says you have to return and finish me one day – I am sitting in a drawer and I would love a secret cave, a picnic basket with ham rolls and ginger beer, and of course a fantastic mystery in an alternative universe to solve.

What do you like to read?

(c) June Perkins

5 thoughts on “Secret Caves and Picnic Baskets to Adventure

  1. That does look like an interesting spot to investigate. I can see myself sitting there with a notebook, pen, and camera. Who knows what might trigger the muse. And I hope you write your novel.



  2. It would be fun to explore a mysterious cave and then write about it. I love to read Kris Raddish. Her stories are about groups of women who have outrageous adventures, discovering themselves and each other along the way. There is something about groups of women adventuring that appeals to me.


  3. I like the sounds of Kris Raddish @Sally I will have to google her works and Vi you would love sitting at the cave there, and I will work on the novel, so much to write in this life…


  4. Have always loved adventure books as I look back on my past, might be time to go on some real life ones with kids and family in tow, how I long to travel… sigh.


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