Dancing Recovery

Today we had a meeting of the artistic, technical and documentation crew as well as the community cultural development officer and other council staff, to help Danielle Wilson with the Dance Recovery workshop happening this Thursday at the Innisfail Shire Hall. It was exciting and enlightening to have everyone familiarising themselves with Danielle’s overall plan for the workshop, and to be looking at the space, lighting, sound, as well as clarifying our roles.

The workings behind the stage – June Perkins

I have been preparing by studying up as much as possible on the white balance, exposure, shutter speed, and video features of my Nikon 5100. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to practice and learn more about video and film as I will be observing everyone else working on video and lighting that day (we have a dolly contraption coming – more on that next post).  There’s a few of us helping with the varying video and filming requirements for the day, I’ll devote a post to the team next time.

My focus will be the ‘process of the production’, a mini behind the scenes documentary,  observing how the elements come together under the direction of Danielle, Avril and Melissa. I’m going to do some video of Danielle in action, maybe some short interviews at the very end of the day, some still photography – and collect video of the process of putting together the performance as well.

I took some video of the planning meeting today as well and a few stills.  Everyone was enjoying playing around with their silhouettes up on the screen.  As I headed off with my notes for Thursday sound and other aspects were still being discussed.  It’s all looking great for Thursday.  There’s still space for participants if you are keen, but you need to call Avril or Melissa and be over sixteen.  See Dance Recovery  for more details.

Danielle and Avril trying out effects on the screen – By June Perkins

(c) June Perkins

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