Holiday Fun: Light Painting

Painting our environment
Painting our Environment  – June and Kids

Holidays in the Country,  so if we like we can visit waterfalls, beaches, listen to the rain, jump up and down in the sun, check out the lastest wildlife in our garden, play on the basketball courts, visit the library and we can LIGHT PAINT all of the previously mentioned and more.

ABC Open has a monthly photography challenge, and they are inclusive of any contributor who wants to have a go, follows the guidelines, and put something up in the ABC Open camera Club.  This month’s challenge Light Painting.

There are some amazing and sophisticated contributions from individuals like Daniel and art collectives.  As for me and the kids well we started off simply to learn how to paint and yes we did use a TRIPOD.  We have bought some more cheap LED lights, and have some more ideas to put together before the close of the project on Saturday.  Now that we can do the following paintings we’d like to attempt something more complicated and have the whole family busy drawing until the camera clicks!

True colours...
True Colours – By June and kids

For handy tips on how to do this check out HERE.  I wonder what next month’s photography project will be.

(c) June Perkins

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One thought on “Holiday Fun: Light Painting

  1. I’d like to try my hand at this. Biggest problem I see is finding a place dark enough…hard to do with all the street lights. I’ll have to head off into the desert. Not too good of an idea.



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