Song Trails Returns to Tully time to get organised…

me and guitar
Self portrait – At work song writing

I’ve been at work in the creativity cocoon again, emerging for a walk to the corner store today, only to meet a lady who had been trapped in her home by slippery mud and had then been able to finally get out.  She had a huge smile on her face and was very chatty.  There might be a song in that –  mud free days are here again – she was bright and cheerful and so thankful to finally drive out of her drive way.

I’ve written at least fifteen songs since I began my song writing journey, maybe more, but this week I am finally compiling them and reworking them.   Song writing, like photography, has been something I’ve developed  since living in the ‘rain country’ of the North.  This week I recorded some of  my songs on the mobile and began an audio diary of them.  They are changing as I review them and rework the chord progressions.  I’ll try recording on the tablet as well.

I think I’ll have to build up more courage to share them with musos for feedback.  I am thinking whether to throw key changes in.  Are they too short? Too long? How would they sound on different instruments?

Guitar Prayer

This new-found work ethic is partly because Song Trails is coming up and back in Tully, and it’s returning for three days not just a few hours.  I am not sure exactly how it’s going to work but we do get more time to share our own work this time and we are creating and recording songs.

I don’t consider myself a singer, but hopefully I can carry my songs well enough for others to like them.  One thing I noticed today was that I do sing with a lot of emotion, and the songs have come from somewhere special in nearly all cases, whether it be daily life or a special occasion like the day of the national apology.  I still tear up singing some of the songs even after all this time, not sure if they would affect others like that, but they do mean something to me and that’s a start right.

I love that one of my facebook buddies is so into song writing and she makes a lot of audio files of her songs.    She was excited to know this workshop was on in my area, and sent me a notice about it straight away.  I had already heard about it but good on her, I love friends who will do this for you, encourage your dreams. Amazingly I have never met her, but I would love to one day.  I am sure we would have a jam!  Another friend who professionally  records songs and has heard some of my efforts, has told me to keep on working at the song writing.  I’d love to write a song that Karise Eden would love to sing, really enjoyed watching her journey on the Voice.

Another job I am doing whilst at the Song Trails Workshop is documenting it by photography!   I did document last years workshop and blogged it for Critical Mass, but this year I’m being paid to do it by QMF.  I love taking photographs of events like this so it’s wonderful to do it on a professional basis at a workshop with a topic I love.

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