Photofinish Fashion Episode

I was intrigued by  Fashion: Episode 5  of Photofinish having never done studio photography. I can only imagine working with lights, props, make up and costume as well as an amazing camera and on top of that needing to have a vision of an era of fashion.

This was one challenge where some training in photography studio work or experience using lighting for stage would definitely have come in handy.  I have never tackled fashion photography, the closest I ever came was a photography session with my daughter in a kimono given to her by a friend from Japan who visited us.   I worked outside, with ready made natural sets. I looked at my old photo set with new eyes and tried to see it as the judges of this episode might do.

I was very impressed with the winner episode five, Ellen Virgona, as she really threw herself around to take the photographs, that is trying different angles and leaving her tripod well behind to the point of making herself comfortable. I love such dedication and do that myself on occasion. She said she felt out of her comfort zone but was so willing to go with it, and trust her instincts. She was bold in her choice of final photo as well.

Handy tips learnt from this episode:

1- Less is more (don’t overdo the props)
2- Bring out the beauty of the model
3- Go with the flow and try different angles
4- Make bold decisions
5- Be aware of how your lighting affects the beauty of the model
6- Get make-up and hair done whilst you are setting up props
7- Have a variety of sets and props to experiment
8- Think about the era and get the colour palette right

So here is my Kimono Gift photo shoot from a couple of years ago.  Which one do you like the best?

Kimono Gift 1 – June Perkins
Kimono Gift 2- June Perkins
Kimono Gift 3 – June Perkins
Kimon Gift 4 – June Perkins
Kimono Gift 5 – June Perkins
Kimono gift 6 – June Perkins
Kimono Gift 7 – June Perkins

(c) June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

2 thoughts on “Photofinish Fashion Episode

  1. All the photos are lovely. I like the first photo but I think my favourite is the 4th one. Your daughter has such a lovely candid experession her face. I think it would be an even stronger photo if you cropped it tightly around your daughter.


  2. June, you did a wonderful job here. I like the second photo the best…I think. There are so many cool shots that it would be hard to choose.


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