The Faceless Portrait

Weaver Faceless Portrait – June Perkins

The Faceless Portrait is something I have been working with for a while, but haven’t ever gone into the philosophy of.   Seems there is a whole philosophy behind abstracting people either into the environment or their identity through taking the focus away from the face.

I intuitively like capturing hands in the process of  action,  especially when creating, whether it’s weaving, playing an instrument, or painting.

One of my friends who doesn’t like her face portrait being taken that much, but she enthusiastically offered her hand recently for this picture.

She liked  her weaving effort and was keen for me to capture it.

I was spending the day visiting her when some people came into her work to run a weaving workshop.  I even learnt to weave one, and was excited to get the hang of it.

I can see why people like to weave.

Here is another recent faceless portrait.  The hands were not clear, but moving fast,  sometimes I like them to be clear, but I liked taking this in a way where the hands where in flow.

Why not google faceless portrait to see some other examples!

Fingers in motion – June Perkins

June Perkins

2 thoughts on “The Faceless Portrait

  1. What an interesting concept. i would never have thought of a faceless portrait. thank you for planting the seed.



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