Lessons from Sally Pearson: Go for your Goal

camp shoes
Put on your Goal Shoes – June Perkins

I set the alarm for 5 to 6, knowing that this morning was the time Sally Pearson was going to run in the 100m hurdles final.  I woke up at 4 am without the alarm and watched the semis.  Sally was looking so focused.  Nothing, not rain, not other people running fast times, nor expectation from the Australian public and wider athletics community was going to stop her from winning that race.  I was hoping for a good lane draw as some of those other athletes as one commentator put it ‘were messy’ one lady was almost running in the next lane.

I have a particular interest in hurdles as this was one of the things I used to do well at when attending Little Athletics;  I can vividly remember the importance of the timing, and technique as well as the actual speed of the race being so important.  I could jump each hurdle in my mind with her from memory.  Her technique is brilliant, so smooth, although after winning gold she said it wasn’t quite perfect in her two earlier runs, but it was in the final.

It is that level of critique and committment that has meant every set back and success has been a learning experience that has made her rise in her abilities as an athlete. I love that her coach from when she was a little girl was there and still cheering her on and developing her skills, and that Sally stopped and showed excitement for every Australian it seemed she saw in the crowd.  I love that she is so cool, calm and collected and retains her focus at all times.  I cannot imagine her being distracted by facebook, blogs, publicity, and media.  She goes into a zone!  I was so happy to see her just calmly push away the media after her semi as she put it politely and moving away quickly without engaging ‘I have to prepare.’

I also loved the excitement of the athlets who came second and third, who did their personal bests, and congratulated her.  I loved how Sally thanked all parents of all the athletes at the games!

Me on facebook at 4am

Up to see Sally run her heat, then back to sleep until the final, go Sally Pearson you can do it!
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Me on facebook before the final – Go Sally!
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Whilst I cannot ever see myself as an athlete, even though I may have once had that potential I think that Sally can inspire me to do my best with my writing, photography and film making.

Of course there obviously won’t be  millions of people neccessarily cheering and getting up at 4am to watch my early drafts, but that is not what’s important – it is achieving the goals and feeling that immense sense of accomplishment.  The last time I truly felt this was on completing my Phd, and going to my award ceremony with my kids and friends.  What a day that was!  Back to this day, what a morning, like many Australians I am very proud of Sally Pearson!  She has some important things to teach people in the way she conducts herself and her striving for excellence.

Sally Pearson Lessons in Achieving your Goal

1) Be focused on the task ahead.

2) Take it one event at a time and don’t get over excited until you have achieved your goal.

3) Believe in yourself, but put the work in to have that belief.

4) Make sacrifices to achieve your goal in terms of where you live, and travel.

5) Be direct and honest but don’t become doubtful.

6) Recognise what others go through, but still keep focused on your own goal and development.

(c) June Perkins

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