Playing Robin Hood

Playing Robin Hood – June Perkins

To play, to dream, to collaborate – the collage above involved all these three things, and was a result of my son’s brilliant idea to play Robin Hood and have me photograph him.

Today he is away on a camp for leaders, and no there is no archery set with him, but he is going to do some wall climbing and other team building exercises.  He will be away all week.

It is too quiet around here!

He is growing so quickly and I am proud of the young man he is becoming.

I remember days as a child when I would play act in the woods with my friends.  We were Robin Hood and his gang, hiding in Sherwood forest.  We were going to make the worlds a better place.  But it is not really as simple as robbing the rich to give to the poor.

Still Robin Hood’s mythical sense of justice , chivalry, and helping the down trodden is something that can be admired, even if his methods involved a lot of bow and arrow.

Seriously, what can we learn from Robin Hood ?

1- Legends can be reworked, reimagined until people find them real in their consequences

2-Robin Hood changes to fit the day and age, sometimes he is a philanthropist, sometimes national hero

3-Archery is cool!

4- We will never really know if there was a real Robin  Hood.

5- Nottingham gets to have a cool tourism attraction.

(c) June Perkins

4 thoughts on “Playing Robin Hood

  1. I was amazed to read somewhere that there is a theme park in Sherwood Forest – when I lived in the UK 40 years ago it was just a forest…


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