Faceless Portrait Challenge

Look at what I found...
Look What I Found – By June Perkins

This month I am participating in the ABC Open photo challenge  ‘faceless portraits’.   Above is one of my contributions  – from a series I am developing called, Look What I Found, You can see my other contributions here Faceless Portraits for ABC Open.

I have been enjoying browsing through other’s contributions.

I loved this one showing the tranquility of a person sitting on a branch near a waterhole.  Enjoying the Peace and Tranquility .

I found this one  clever and funny Faceless Portrait –  by Geraldine Parkes.

This one was nostalgic and dreamy  Faceless Portrait by Geraldine Parkes.

I loved the silhouette figures and setting of Evening Fishing. 

Another fun one was Who is this Faceless Man.  I expected that there would be many more copy cats of this.  Although this kind of photograph makes most sense for an illustrator, but it could also be a great approach for an author, with her/his book plastered across the front of her/his face.

A very cute one was Faceless Portait – I am a Cat.

For anyone near an ABC Open producer you can contact them about a workshop to contribute to this or any other ABC Open project.

As always it’s about the ideas, not how expensive your equipment is.

Can’t wait to see more amazing contributions, and just how many ways people can come up with creating a portrait that does not rely on the face.

Why do you think a faceless portrait might be a useful thing to take?

(c) June Perkins

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