Farewell Moon Walker

man on moon orbit
NASA Public Domain image.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon has passed on.

This major human history event, the walk on the moon, happened shortly before I was born, so I have no direct memory of it.

I do remember studying an essay when I was in highschool about the second man to land on the moon Buzz Aldrin.

As for that famous moment I have watched television footage of it, when it was replayed.  My memory of that is hazy too.

Articles written today are quoting Obama, astronauts and his family.

They are saying when you look at the moon remember Mr Armstrong, and think of him winking at you.

It is as if he is now the man on the moon eternally.

They speak of a humble man whose life example can be a legacy.

Here is a short poem I wrote for Into Orbit  

and which today I dedicate to the memory of Mr Armstrong.

Hellos of the Human Race

All the hellos of the human race
Are wayfarers in space
Sent out to reach forward in time by
Reaching back to memories sublime.

Wayfarers in space
Mix with Bob Dylan’s answers to the human race to
Dance amongst the dust of stars.
To those of the future will we be bizarre?

Hellos circle stars and moon
Humanity searches for a cocoon
Whilst the child soldier hides in the wheat.
The tide is moving to the global heart beat.

© June Perkins

moon 2 orbit

Another poem you might like to read from that Into Orbit site, which addresses the moon walking event more directly as he actually can remember it, is Alan Webb’s Summer of ’69

Here is just an extract.

It was one of those lucid
You know where you were
One small step for Man moments
When smells sounds touch and taste
Are forever imprinted
One giant leap for Mankind
A footprint
In the lunar psyche
For me
Even now a dyed in the wool

moonlight fishing 140-004

Where were you when the first man took a step on the moon?

2 thoughts on “Farewell Moon Walker

  1. June, we were thinking along the same lines! I, too, wrote a post about Neil Armstrong which shared where i was that fateful night. Enjoyed reading your poems very much. Farewell, Moonwalker, indeed.


  2. Yes, I noticed that, haven’t had time to do a lot of blog visiting lately have a few deadlines to meet, thanks as always for your visits, hope to blog yarn soon.


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