Tropical Life – A sequence: Search for the Stage

Tropical Life - A sequence

Tropical Life a Sequence – by June Perkins

So many words this week for forms and applications but not so much for the blog and stories.  Still that is life sometimes and it’s times like these I love to relax on my breaks by looking at images.

Flipping through my files for this blog today I found a sequence of tropical life – reflections in the sand, the relationship between father and son and the palm trees at sunset.

I wonder if I was making up a story about this sequence if there is enough to inspire, or do I need to add a bird to the palms, or a secret somewhere.

My eldest son said to me the other day ‘You should do more staged shots now Mum,’ meaning you photograph the everyday so much, why not try putting things into your images deliberately.  Once long ago I used to put gumboots and set up photo opportunities for them.  It was fun.  I am not sure exactly what he had in mind, but he was thinking big – like a movie set.

Tracey Moffat, who I studied a long time ago when looking at Indigenous film makers in Australia photographs like this.  Her photographs are like stage/movie sets and she composes them completely.

I don’t have a studio but I could still find somewhere to stage some work, or maybe borrow or rent a studio to have a go at this.  A lady I know is going to let me photograph some of her pottery if I wish and those will be staged shots but perhaps not what my imaginative eldest son is thinking of.   I think he is thinking make a story, fictionalise and hyper real the setting, begin to play with it.  I’ll have to query him a bit more.  Here is an old gumboots4peace photograph whilst I think of it, the days when I set up photographs from my imagination.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved on words and images.

gallery gumboots path of peace
Gumboots path of peace – June Perkins

3 thoughts on “Tropical Life – A sequence: Search for the Stage

  1. Love Tracy Moffat’s work. Also Destiny Deakin does great staged photos. Her image of a black doll looking over a paling fence is haunting. I think to do that kind of work you have a larger theme or concern with the work illustrates.
    I like the gumboots – they look like boots waiting for occupants.
    Staged photos is a rich idea – you’ve got me thinking now too.


  2. Yes, it is an intriguing idea and I’d like to try it. I love the gumboots – simple but full of impact – and that your son gives you inspiration.


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