Playing with Words in Wordle – Reimagining a poem

It’s been a long time since I looked at wordle, but just today I was thinking about how to have a graphic for a post that is not a photograph but creative and remembered wordle.

I began playing around with a poem and made an interesting discovery.  The word jumbles were so interesting they could inspire more pieces of writing.

As I  played with my Rainbow Poem in wordle I found new combinations of words that sounded inventive and curious.

Combinations like ‘ high climbing art’, ‘ caring rainbows’, ‘recovering sky’, ‘boredom sky,”technicolour children,’ ‘chase sky, and ‘ ‘rainbows recovering ablaze’ – and this led to more new thoughts.

What kind of situation would lead to a rainbow needing to recover?  Why would someone chase the sky?  What setting would have highclimbing art?  I’ll answer some of these questions in my next blog.

What fun it is to play with the words, to scramble, invent and add.

So I leave this post with a ‘dancing gaze’, wearing my’ frog hat’and looking for ‘caring colours.’

4 thoughts on “Playing with Words in Wordle – Reimagining a poem

  1. Great idea. ‘chasing the sky’ is a lovely image. Sometimes driving along the open roads of Australia the sky is so huge I feel like I’m driving into it. Sky chasing could well describe the feeling.


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