Dance and Dream – take a magic carpet ride

Dance Class – By June Perkins

Recently I went on assignment to practice photographing children moving and grooving in their dance class.

I was invited by the ever creative Danielle to take photos of her energetic Wednesday group.

The great thing about this assignment was having the freedom to experiment with my camera settings without the pressure of a set brief.

The hour went so quickly and I had so much creative fun.  It reminded me of when my own kids were little and I thought about what photographs I would have liked to remember their creative classes.

I went looking for magical moments.  Some are featured in the collage at the top of the post.

Jumping, hugs with friends,  delicate movement, jumping and concentrating.

I loved it when all the mothers made a magical tent for the children to reach after being on a magical carpet.

Magical Carpet Ride – June Perkins

I was attracted to the close moments between caring mothers and their children and have quite a few photographs of that in my final set.

2012-09-19 Danceclassfun 133
Mother and Daughter in Flow – June Perkins

As I organised the photographs I found some children had a sequence of photographs that told their individual story of dance class.

I put a few of these together in collages and thought about how one could follow just one child in his or her journey through a dance class and tell a story that way. Another assignment one day.

Dancing Story – June Perkins

Thanks so much to Danielle, her students and their mothers for letting me capture your special world. Will share a few more on the blog, and forward them to your class.

8 thoughts on “Dance and Dream – take a magic carpet ride

  1. U have captured that amazing hour beautifully that Danielle puts together, all three of us girls love & look forward to each and every class


  2. June they are so beautiful, it was great to see so much colour! I love the one of Tanya, she is a home day-care teacher who one an award this year, the girl she is encircling with the scarf is one of her students. you can see the love she pours into her students with this photo!


  3. I am glad that you like the photos Danielle, I love the photo of Tanya as well, that was the special one I was referring to. Looking forward to working with you again when the schedule eases up, It was such a colourful day – all rainbows and magic.


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