500words a Writing project for ABC Open – Caught Out

all fathers were kids once
My hubby as a kid – up to something tricky I think?

500 words is off and away.  It’s a project for regional writers to submit between 150-500 words on a monthly theme for the ABC Open project 500 words.  Works are aimed at an online audience. This month’s theme is ‘Caught Out’ and contributors are challenged to share a story about times they were caught out.

“You know the feeling. You’ve done something wrong, or stupid, and you know you’re going to get it. And then you do. And there’s no getting out of it.”

So far this month stories have included the embarrassment of admitting the books you like at a writer’s festival in  Banishment, Buddhists and Bat Mitzvahs a lesson a migrant learns when moving to the outback in  A Shopping Trip Lesson  and charming tales of childhood on the farm in Mischievous Muppets and Down on the Farm.

Childhood features in several of the stories including my own, Look Don’t Touch,  Katherine Fry’s Our Monkey Business at the Circus, Hoods – the bitter-sweet Doors.  There are some cautionary tales concerning what to wear in the case of an accident –  as in Never Listen to Your Mother and taking care with the sending of text messages Instant Karma and much more.

So why not take a trip over to the project and read and comment on some of the contributions so far.

Visit 500words Caught Out to find out how you can contribute and to read the contributions.

Would love to know what you think. The emails left on comments are not passed onto any third party for use for marketing or data.

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