A Hawks Family

Hawks Banner run through
Hawks Banner run through by Delbz

Today the family will be watching the Hawks, their team, play the Swans – it’s Australian Rules Finals Time.

We live in League/Soccer Land but we have found a few locals who also support the Hawks. Our mate at the local fishing store and Justine.

Justine is coming to watch the game with us today, so she can be with people who appreciate footy.

No doubt my hubby’s family will ring him during the break of the first half. They do extra bonding at footy time.

Lots of facebooking will be going on, and the Hawks online people will share their views during the game. This is great for people living outside of Victoria, the home of AFL.

There’s a family footing tipping competition. Tipping against Hawthorn is not something most people in the family would consider, luckily this year they have made the finals and were top of the ladder. I am not so into the tipping part, but I do like to watch the finals.

Youngest however is a total fanatic, and to him it is not just a game, but the fate of the universe. He is the perfect watching companion for his Dad in most ways, although he still has to learn how to deal with what he sees as ‘poor umpiring decisions,’ and the moments where we get behind in the score for too long.

I am hoping the Hawks do well! It will make the family’s day, but most of all it will be something my youngest will treasure for a life time.

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