Footy Team Virtues

This time a week ago,  moments after the Hawks game we solaced ourselves with cheesecake made by Justine.

My youngest was philosophical.

‘We will come back and win it next year.’

He scrolled through the history of his club to argue the probability of his club not only coming back once, but coming back to be team of the decade.

‘It’s all in the past stats Mum.’

I had been worried he would weep and not speak to anyone for a week, but this was not the case. For usually he tends to become highly emotional when his team is not doing well.  So much so he has been ‘sin binned’  a few times for unsportmanlike watching.

That’s the power and passion.

Somehow making and losing a grand final was not a complete disaster, after all his team were in the final.

Somebody on my facebook page likened the relationship to football clubs like that of one to lovers – and perhaps sent to test us and break us.

I thought about loyalty and how some people stick with their club through thick and thin, and do not desert to find a winner.

Many were happy the Swans had beaten the Hawks.  They were busy with victory celebrations.

Some  congratulated the Swans, but deep down felt the Hawks had lost the game through inaccurate kicking!

Some of us professed our Undying love, a few wanted to jump ship, not wanting that kind of pain again.

Still others said ‘it’s only a game not the end of life as we know it.’

‘What a game,’ said my son.  Glad that we had been valiant, and staged a comeback when all was lost, problem was so did the Swans.

To read how we felt before the game read  A Hawk’s Family.

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