Bali Remembrance

Lotus – June Perkins

Remembering long ago, ten years to be exact, before innocence was erased in a single night

A young boy says a prayer to his father – he was only two when he departed
His words translated by a lady by his side

A lady up front in a hat and dark glasses bows her head
as the tears stream down

A father speaks of a lost daughter.

Both our Prime Ministers, one of then and one of now
give their respects and speak of connection between Indonesia and Australia
strengthened and not lost

Young people and others still come to enjoy the hospitality of Bali
the sun, the warmth, the colour, the gentle peacefulness

They will carry on democracy, peace and understanding
they will not turn away from Bali

Blessings are given from Mary McKillop
candles are lit from many religions
people clap prayers to release emotion
yet all is still, reverential and respectful

All the nations affected are read out

Names of each person are read out
Abby, Daniel, Christopher, Bettina, Chloe,
Anthony, Rebecca, Jodie
Katut, Jane, Paul, Donna, Francois,
Sylvia, Shane, Norbert, Angela, Megan, Andrea, Marna- so many names

So many connections in a single name,
missed family events, graduations
empty chairs at tables, time has passed

Photos are held by family in the crowd
fanning themselves in the heat
there to honour the fallen

A minutes silence and the universe spins
Amazing Grace sung by a choir in rainbow colours
To bring peace to the inner journey
Of those on pilgrimage for loved ones

And the young boy who lost his mother’s words
Will be remembered
He will make her dreams come true
The ones she had for him as her young son.

Amazing how we can be in Bali in our living rooms and yet see a service   miles away for those who lost their families.

As I watch the memorial now, John Williamson is up to sing a song he has written ‘ Flower on the Water’.  I am lucky enough to have heard him sing live.   He is speaking of Aussies, surfboards and flowers, and the first memorial for Bali he was at.  This will be something special, he has written a song for the day.

I love the gift song writers can bring.

‘All we can do is throw a flower on the water

look for the sun through the rain

..remember how we love you’

A final prayer and floral tributes are about the be laid in the remembrance pool by dignatories and families of those who lost someone.

The coverage is left, and families are given their privacy, and back to the world outside of Bali remembrance.

For moving stories of survivors visit this link where  AUSTRALIAN SURVIVORS tell their stories and this link for a story about children who lost their parents

Bali’s Children Reunited.


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