Dragon Keeper Author Visits Tully

On October 25 I met an author named Carole Wilkinson who wrote The Dragon Keeper series and she did a workshop.

At first she showed us her research on dragons and how she got the theme of Dragons. She showed us the different types of dragons.

She found that not many Chinese dragons have wings. She wanted to make the dragons good, that is why she chose China. Because China has good dragons unlike any other places.

She also found a picture of a statue of a slave girl. This is how she got the idea of a slave girl in her book. She was showed us her first draft of dragon keeper and it had loads of criticism.

We had to start a story from ideas of the kids in the room (there were 80 kids) and the ideas had to be three companions, the landscape and the plotline (done individually).

The ideas were a Leprechaun a Cyborg and a Mushroom like creature with a 62 room mansion a bamboo forest and a multi-coloured river.

We had to think of something that changes from their everyday life.

My idea was that the leprechauns lived in the bamboo forest and an evil leprechaun that no-one liked let out a poisonous gas that looked like mist that makes the leprechauns corrupt.

By my son – on Carol’s Workshop

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