Who Shaped Me – makes me want to play my guitar…

Guitar Hands- June Perkins

Reading all the Who Shaped Me Stories so far at ABC Open is an enlightening experience.

Just who do the contributors find shapes them?

So far fathers, friends, and teachers lead the way.

Are influences always positive, or do we sometimes form ourselves in antithesis to others?

Denis Murphy explores this in his contributions.    Especially see A Strange Gratitude.

Reaching the mid point I find there are many tribute pieces for lost relatives, mentors and friends.

In Homage to Granny
Remember When
The Boy with a Thorn in His Side
For Those Who Wear Pink
Just Like Mother
Her Open and Generous Spirit

Tributes to the rural characters are emerging strongly in this round. One of the most striking being Jo Joyce, an open producers  Just Like My Father
Others of interest are Murphy’s My Pop
We Thought it Was Millionaire to Have a Garden Like That
Uncle Bob
Ben an Inspirational Character
He greatly Influenced Me

There are many more pieces to explore.  However, the last piece I’d like to mention today is one I read just this morning that introduced me to a new music and made me want to play my guitar.

Mendez’s El Flaco, as I said “Thankyou for introducing me to El Flaco who I’d never heard of before. Your piece makes me want to know more and just dance, and play my guitar free form.”

The beauty of a cyberwriting sharing story space is the whole world can come to the country and country voices can go out to the world.

So maybe it’s time to be bitten by the storytelling bug, and the reading bug.

Head over to Who Shaped Me Stories, read and if you like contribute your story.  Read the guidelines carefully first.

Would love to know what you think. The emails left on comments are not passed onto any third party for use for marketing or data.

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