Mission Who Shaped Me

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Reflections – June Perkins

Yes, I did it! I finished my nineteen blogs on Who Shaped Me. Now here are the heroes and heroines of my upbringing and present existence.

My Mum – impatient, generous and strong

My writing/art mentor – charismatic and universal

My religious education teacher – practical, disciplined and creative

My music teacher – patient and giving to even the children who hated choir

My best friend from high school – who respected my culture

My movement teacher – gracious and creative

My Dad – and his love of music, especially the recorder, musicals, folk and classical

Mr Kidd – who took the time to encourage and put on a stage show with his class

My friends like Nicki – who were there walking with me in my youth and who had parents who saw inner beauty

My friend Justin – funny, kind, arty who died too young

My children – for all they have taught me about being a mother through being who they are

My dearest Bridesmaid – for her honesty and purity of spirit

The Study Brigade– a group of older girls who gave made the library a cool place to hang out

My rainbow school and Grade Six teacher – teaching me the strengths of co-operation and competition and the importance of striving for excellence

The Farmer’s Wife – a dear friend who taught me to drive and much more about the sacrifices country women and mothers make

My childhood self –every childhood experience combined to make me who I am

My writing self – reflective diaries allowed me to process my experiences and shape myself

The Inspiring Nance – who will always embody true love with her dear husband Ray

My film mentors – Leandro and Mick for their inspiration and practical tips

Along the way I’ve asked the people whose stories I was writing, when I could, if it was okay to share the stories on the blog.
Friends have written me the most touching emails responding to the stories. One friend phoned me saying she had shed happy and emotional tears after reading the piece on her, and was so happy that I understood her so well. Precious photographs have also begun to arrive.

I have reconnected to many friends and realised how much I miss them as they now live in Germany, Tasmania, Victoria, and places unknown. Yet each person has a place in my heart,  and played a part in shaping me.

I think perhaps it’s time to write my memoirs, in tribute to the people who’ve inspired me to live the best life I can and make the most of the talents and opportunities I have.

And for those I missed, there’s more stories on the way.  So stay tuned.

Let me know which story resonated for you the most, here or under the story concerned.  

Thank you so much for following my blog challenge.

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