Various Popular Pictures from Flickr Visitors

I was looking at the favourites from my flickr pages and found the following highlights.

All of these images are within the top ten of interesting, comments, favourites.

I notice the images cluster around childhood, nature, collage and poetry.


Contemplation River (click image to go to poem & most favourites)

contemplation river

Guitar Boy 2 (most comments)

Eclipse from Cardwell (second favourited of the year)
Eclipse from Cardwell_2012

Bush Boy (click image to go to poem & most viewed this year)
Bush Boy

These Hands are My Own
"These hands are my own"- says Max!

Believe in the Possibility(click image to go to quote & most interesting)
believe in the possibility - dream

Story Tree (click  image to go to poem)
Story Tree

Walking Childhood
walking childhood sepia

I am Part of Creation (click image to go to quote)
I am part of creation

Free the Grass Beneath (click image to go to quote)
feel the grass beneath

Word Wall (most viewed)
word wall

Gumboots and Blossoms

Gumboots and blossoms

Be the Father you Wanted as a Kid (second most viewed image)
Fatherhood poster

Sunset Queensland ( a popular one from this year)


Global Streams

Me and My Garden
me and my garden


Butterfly Magic
butterfly magic

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