Finding Butterflies & Letting go of Clutter


There’s nothing like finding butterflies. A recent walk at Tully Gorge led to some opportunities to capture them on camera and remember their beauty. The occasion was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

I’d never have a chance with a net, nor would I want to capture them and place them in a display case. I like seeing them in their natural habitat.

New Year’s goals? Well actually my new year is March 21st, but I am working on my list to be ready by then and there’s nothing like starting now, in the present to reach some of those goals.

Today one of my goals, decluttering, led to the family putting together five bags of clothes, linen and toys and taking it to charity for others. It felt good to let go and send that stuff out to be used by others.

I hope the toys find loving new owners, and enjoy their new adventures.

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