So Tall Now

My eldest son is so tall now. Yet, in him I will always see  the tiny tot, looking up at me, asking ‘Are we there yet?’

Yet, I look up at him now!  He is surrounded by green lights of the rainforest.  I can see all the music in him around him, just for a moment.

so tall now
So Tall Now – By June Perkins

We went walking through a butterfly rainforest at Tully Gorge recently. Everyone else was at the BBQ, getting it ready for the 23rd anniversary of me and David and so my eldest came with his photography mad Mum.  I found the Licuala, which is such an emblem of the Cassowary Coast.

This was a plant I didn’t know before living here, but now will forever be in my vocabulary and metaphorical reach.

licuala tully gorge
Licuala Tully Gorge – by June Perkins

Yet, the most butterflies we saw were back near the BBQ, while our walk turned up mostly licuala plants  (as above) and greenery with sunbursts.

I trust manual focus and my telescopic lens for butterfly pics. Even though they can be  flighty, if they are busy eating, they almost forget a photographer is lurking.

butterfly flight2
Butterfly Flight – By June Perkins
butterfly landing4
Butterfly Landing – By June Perkins
Looking up to a Butterfly Landing
Butterfly Landing 2 – By June Perkins

Even though the water was tempting we didn’t go swimming as there were crocodile signs up, very unusual to see that in this commonly rafted river.  I was happy because I photographed the butterflies.

The children enjoyed their sausages, steak, salad and chocolates.

My hubby did a grand cooking job.

We met a family from Mackay camping at the Falls, and somehow shared cyclone stories with them – and all of us wondered about people in the bush fire affected areas in Tasmania.

The rain sprinkled, and the sun began to go down.

My eldest son, didn’t once ask, ‘When are we leaving?’ which often teenagers longing for their friends and computer screens tend to do.  Instead he was in the moment, with us his family; listening to cyclone stories, in the greening rain, laughing with his siblings and noticing things like toy gorillas hidden in the hills.

(Account of  our January 6th Visit to Tully Gorge, for Anniversary BBQ)

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