Creative Souls

It was special catching up with my high school friend, Paulien. My daughter,who had been showing her pictures over skype, was able to show them to her in real space. We took her to some of our favourite spots: the Licuala Rainforest, the Curtain Fig tree in Atherton, and lots and lots of waterfalls.

She kept telling my kids how amazing the place we lived in was, and how different it is to where she lives.

I loved seeing her so much.  There is something very special about old friends, especially ones you have stayed in touch with. She told us lots about the cold, to my children this was like listening to fairy tales.

They are such tropical kids.  We felt sorry for her putting up with our heat!  It did become very sticky whilst she was here. It was hard to say goodbye!   But good to reconnect after so many years, and find out that even with our extremely different home environments, at heart we are still those same college girls. Just with more experiences and of course now ‘Aunty’ Paulien, has actually met my hubby and kids.

Perhaps time for me and family to start travelling more and connecting with our friends from distant lands.

Creative souls Meet – By June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

One thought on “Creative Souls

  1. ♥ thanks so much for this June, I have such beautiful memories of my visit to your place and meeting your gorgeous family! And the Wet Tropics, well, i loved experiencing it, but indeed, it is a bit too hot and wet for me 😉 But i will never ever forget about it and would visit again just to see you and your family XX and that absolutely impressive part of th world you cared to share with me.


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