Images of Cardwell

View from the Jetty – June Perkins

I’ve just been looking through some old photographs and found some enchanting memories of trips to Cardwell, just down the road.  It is under going lots of restoration and change.

I miss how it was before Yasi.

Before the cyclone it had some beautiful trees, covered in flowers, and there for the climbing.

You don't bring me flowers
Flower Tree- June Perkins
Tree to Climb – June Perkins

I remember early trips where we would see people’s boats sitting on the shore. Although I was never sure if this one was ever used.

a boat waiting for someone
A boat waiting? – June Perkins

Although walking around after the cyclone I found this headstone, which I’d never noticed before.

Celtic Headstone in Australia
Headstone – June Perkins

The trees were different but many were still there.

Cardwell dancing Trees – June Perkins

And in the starlight

Starry Night at Cardwell Jetty
Starry Night at Cardwell Jetty- June Perkins

And the moonlight it hadn’t changed too much.

moonlight trip 022-002
Moonlight – Cardwell – June Perkins

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3 thoughts on “Images of Cardwell

  1. Thank you June for the memory. Cardwell has changed – it had to. I have such fond memories of using the town to take a break in whilst driving to Townsville and beyond with our little people. Now those little people are grown and Cardwell has grown too. It’s grown out of adversity but it’s nice to remember how things were.


  2. Thanks Diane – it is nice to remember how things were, and I am sure it will regain some of its former brilliance, as the locals want that so much and are working for it, and nature has a way of healing too.


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