Journeys in Form: Nonet

Sunshine after recently reading my last post encouraged me to do more adventures in poetic form, a great idea really to limbre up my writing muscles.

Today I am trying nonets – a 9 line poem starting with 9 syllables on the first line and contracting by one until you end with one syllable. I wonder which form will attract me next, or if I’ll stick with nonet’s for a while – we’ll see how I feel at my next warm up.

Alone with my Friend
Jody McNary- Flickr Creative Commons


The girl with a flower in her hair
Motioned moonlight to visit her
Dancing light beams touched her face
Stillness touched ruby lips
Froze tears to her bones
Love still for her?
She could hope
And dream

By June Perkins


2 thoughts on “Journeys in Form: Nonet

  1. Yes, it is a bit of an adventure Sunshine, and so many forms to work through, I wonder which will emerge as my favourite and the readers’ favourites.


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