Guitar Sunset

2013-06-29 2013-06-032

Continuing my holiday break from Miracle Monday and Saturday Writing Saga blogs.

A week of holidays have passed.  We haven’t been going anywhere much, just to Mission Beach for an art’s workshop my daughter was booked into  (she painted an Outback Cat) and into town for a farewell to a friend’s shop, they are closing after twenty years or so.  

But we have been having a topsy turvey time – with our dear Pet Guinea pig Chocolate, suddenly passing away.  We had a burial and funeral for him in the garden, and have been comforting our last remaining guinea pig, Soot, every day.  He has a soft toy crocodile, about the size of a guinea pig to snuggle up to as well.  We all feel very sorry for him losing all his guinea pig brothers, but he is responding well to all our cuddles.

My dear Hubby, had a stack of teeth pulled out, and is in a lot of pain adjusting to dentures.  Yikes!  He is not quite himself, but every now and then laughs and tells jokes and we know the real him is slowly coming back.  We have nicknamed him ‘Toothless’ after the Train a Dragon character, just for fun.

We’ve had some brilliant sunsets, and they have inspired me to take portraits of my eldest son playing his guitar with the back drop of it, and to do studies of cane, clouds, and sunsets.

I am itching to get back into some concentrated writing, but have made myself finish projects, and completed the Smile Within photographic and text exhibition book and am just waiting patiently for my proofing copy to arrive before I finalise it, and organise the isbn etc.

After thinking about it for ages, I finally made a photo book of the children’s portraits and some nature photographs.  I called it ‘Country Kids’ and will let the relatives know about it, after I check the proofing copy.  I took the guitar sunset pic after I produced it and may add it to the book, or do a new one.  I love making photo books, and there are so many programs to do them in now so I am giving them all a bit of a whirl to find the one I like most.

I am doing a Story Cartel course, must get onto more exercises for it today.  The feedback from other cartel members so far has been useful.  I am also trying to find some time read someone’s book this week to review, and looking forward to it.

Later in the week will be having some video mentoring! Looking forward to it, and working on a short script today for a video postcard.


2013-06-29 2013-06-030

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