Being Visible, being understood, Sally A. Knornschild


Sally A Knornschild is one of the Soul food bloggers I met  on the Serpentine Road, through Heather Blakey’s creative story worlds maze  and writing trigger blogs.

She was a great support when I first set out into the world of blogging and then more creative fantastical writing.  It was  interesting to hear how she feels about writing.

 1) What is easiest about writing for you?

This is the hardest question! I have a great love of reading and words put together in sentences that invoke emotional, visual, or inspirational responses. Reading and writing have always sustained me during difficult times and gave me something to do during those vast times of being alone which I preferred.

 2) What is the most difficult?

The most difficult part of writing is just doing it. Writing is so much a part of me that I sometimes feel guilty making it a priority in my life. Instead I tend to think of my writing as a treat to be done as a reward for doing tasks I dislike such as housework. In addition, when I write and share my words then don’t receive response, I feel discouraged like I’m not good enough or failed to move someone enough for them to want to comment. Writing would be easier for me if my deepest fear of not being good enough weren’t tied to it.

3) What career wish would you like most to come true?

I love my creativity and am now both an author and artist which has been my dream since childhood. However, I would love to be able to push myself to doing more of it and putting myself out there to possibly earn money from it.

4) Why do you write?

My parent’s divorce when I was nine affected me greatly. Since people didn’t talk to their children about their feelings back in the early 1960s, I took to writing in my first diary around the age of 10 or 11. That turned into writing letters to my father when he joined the Merchant Marines and went to sea shortly thereafter.

I had so much to write about; so much I was learning about life and intuition that I couldn’t talk about but found ways to write about.

I love writing about real life magic, how pieces of life fit together in a puzzle. I love to write about feelings and places and I love to write poetry. I have written some fiction which I find incredibly fun and the same is true for comedy. I also write because, for some reason, I have found that speaking words can trigger reaction and cause people to think I am crazy, bizarre, etc. But when people read the written word they tend to have a different response. Perhaps it is because they can reread those words and take time to respond rather than react…except on facebook where they often react without reading or rereading!


5)  Have you met any inspiring writers and who were they?

I have met so many writers, aspiring and professional. Christopher Allen Poe, Edgar’s great-great nephew, is my most recent friend.  His enthusiasm for the written word and the paranormal (one of my most favorite subjects) inspires me. Zoe Keithly, Write Yourself Well has shown me the benefits of using writing as a tool for health. And you, my dear June, for you have endless energy, motivation, and boundless creativity. In fact I have been inspired by all of my friends from the SS Vulcania and Hestia’s Hearth…but you more than any!

[That’s so sweet Sally]

6) What makes you keep writing?

I keep writing because it helps me to heal, it satisfies me, and because my friends keep encouraging me to write. The challenge I am overcoming is the effects of being unacknowledged and invisible both in childhood and adulthood. Writing helps me to feel better about myself.

Writing then reading what I have written shows me how amazing and intelligent I really am for even I cannot deny my own words. I truly know the power of words and have seen my own words bring people to tears or move them into gales of laughter. I write because I hope that all people come to understand the power of words and what an incredible affect and opportunity for so many changes words can bring to the world.


You can find Sally at her blog: 

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2 thoughts on “Being Visible, being understood, Sally A. Knornschild

  1. Good to hear from Sally, it is always fascinating to learn why artists create the path they have trodden.


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