Windy Futures

The Bowler – June Perkins

There are always turning points in lives, countries, history, and books.  These are moments when we make decisions that change the future.

This week Australians go to the polls, and the need for a vision and direction for a turning point in the Australian story is being argued in universities, on blogs and facebook.

Will we be judged by who we chose to govern us and the values they espouse?

Will we make our decisions about that governance based on reliable information from ethical journalists and a sound disclosure of policies?

Are there limitations to party systems and the creation of policy based on the need to be voted for rather than policies based on sound research and spiritual values?

Perhaps the biggest thing facing Australians this week is to realise they are all equally important in making the decisions about the future, and the journey to do this is not just on election day, just as a marriage is not determined only by the wedding.

It’s also what happens during the times between elections, and in every corner of Australian society at the in-between times.

I am not going to discuss my decision for this weekend, that’s between me and the polling booth, and really after what could be a wedding some of us leave in sorrow and others leave in joy – it’s the long journey after that’s going to be where the real work begins.

But I know the future I want for my children and it’s reminding me a lot of a Martin Luther King Speech, an episode of Oprah,  or of the wisdom of a mighty soul still with us Nelson Mandela- it’s a future where young people are respected and play a role, where all people needing refuge  and solace are welcome, where the old and ill are cared for, where the human spirit is nurtured, where no one goes hungry or is homeless,  everyone is respected whatever their culture, or creed, and everyone has access to an education and an opportunity to find their vocation in life.

The future, like the weather is looking a bit gusty and it’s times like these I turn to family, friends, and the power of the human spirit and intellect.

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

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