Film Stills

Here are some stills from the short films I am working on for a friend’s website. They have an experimental element to them as requested by the producer/dancer Danielle.

Danielle danced with a lot of emotion and had a story she wanted to express.  I am enjoying the collaborative process and looking forward to showing it to her when I have the initial edit to a stage where it’s watchable.

So much to do at present, and each day lately for a week has been spent working on video editing, planning to make a documentary for the Tablelands Folk Festival for the organisers (looking forward to this as we will attend the festival as well, lots of music and culture to enjoy!), and preparing for a launch for the After Yasi book as well as co-ordinating family life.

We  had a cricket cup in our area recently that my dear husband was in, the Rainforest Cup, met some amazing people at it and the team he was in won the whole competition. Five games in two days.  But the best thing about it was the sense of sportsmanship.  I will blog on it at some point if I get the chance. The tournament will be featured on SBS Television, in a couple of weeks.

The best thing lately is that I have been learning to FINISH things, something I have tackled on my blogs and social media at various points.  I am very good at starting lots of things, but have suffered from not finishing them off.    In the process of learning to finish sometimes I have had to temporarily give some things up, like blogging.    

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying their lives, blogging, creativity.   And thanks to people who post encouraging things here or in social media spaces whilst  I am busy at work at the computer.  I often have a read and smile and keep going with work.


filmstilldance 18

filmstilldance 24

filmstilldance 23

filmstilldance 14

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