Living Dreams – Beginning Somewhere

That’s Cricket – June Perkins


To reach a dream, you first have to have one.

For the last three years my youngest has dreamed of playing cricket in a team.

He wants to play for Australia if he can.

Every dream has to start somewhere.

He has begun his in the back yard playing against his much older brother.

He has begun it by studying how players make their movements on the television.



He has learnt the history, the stats, and become an ardent watcher of the cricket.

He went to training when his dad was preparing for the rainforest cup.  He has had numerous family play cricket with him and attended a game in Tasmania.

In the meantime he has played tennis, basketball and worked on his ball skills.

He has played school competitions, but all the time longing for a local cricket competition with a team he can join.

Now finally he can be part of his team sport.   A junior competition has been reestablished in Tully, and dedicated coaches and parents are striving to make it happen.

The spirit of the game is the most important thing, and I loved the first week.  Most importantly the children have a chance to work on their skills, sportsmanship and working towards a bigger dream if they wish.

His enthusiasm has so enriched the family that his older brother, who began playing cricket to train his younger brother for his big dream, is even thinking of joining c grade cricket for the comradeship and perhaps playing home games and mostly going to training.

There are more dreams in my family, and with every dream you begin with those first steps.

Last week we all cheered on my dear son, and all the children living their love of a great game.  Dad helped take the score, and somehow I ended up becoming the teams photographer.   One person’s dream ripples out into the lives of others.


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