Travelling Light – The day of the great book cull…



We are selecting what to take to Brisbane.  We want to learn to travel lighter.  So although we love books, we are taking only our favourite and most useful books, and our most beautiful ones.

It is the day of the great book cull.

When I was growing up I owned about ten books, and the rest were borrowed from the library.   I borrowed about ten a week. I wonder what made me start collecting so many to keep physically.

There are books from university courses, favourite subjects, library throw out sales, kids books galore, and then the series books the children worked their way through and bought when on special.  So much accumulation.

Books mark anniversaries, birthdays, special occassions, prize givings and more.  

Some are ancient, out of date text books, like my Abnormal Psychology book from University days.

Other books going out are the learn to read books of the children and some of their early picture books, we want only small selections of to keeps of most precious ones they still read and reread.

It is not always difficult to select the throw aways as mould, the damp and wasps have attacked some of the books, and they are no longer pleasant to read.  Other books we know we can easily access on line, and there’s just no need to have them.

As my son says. ‘you don’t need to own  a book to have it in your head or easily find it to read’ and this is very true.  I carry the memory of so many books in my head and heart – and now it’s just time to let go, give away and surrender.

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6 thoughts on “Travelling Light – The day of the great book cull…

  1. I usually borrow from the library and those that I enjoy go into two categories. The ones I thoroughly enjoyed and wish to own, and those that I enjoyed but don’t wish to own.

    I buy hard cover copies of the former.

    P/s I don’t always adhere to this rule.


  2. I used to but now take the story into my heart and let it go, I have kept a sampling of the books from my life and it has been amazing to learn to let go.


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