Writing about what compels me to write?

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Self portrait collage – June Perkins

This morning I began to write something about what compels me to write – it turned into something of an essay I was going to put it on my blog- now I am thinking it might suit a journal somewhere so giving it some thought .

The essay became a study of writing from the intellect and the heart, combined with knowledge of education and knowledge of life, and a bit of a reflection on what I would tell my daughter as she grows ever more interested in becoming a creative in her life but worries about making a living from it.

Somehow  my initial thoughts for the essay also covered the intellect in the ivory tower and intellect that builds community and the writers who write for a living and those who write because it helps them live more deeply. 

All this from a conversation with my hubby and my daughter’s English teacher.

As I wrote lots of memories, both empowering, and humiliating came back, from my experience of writing, and writing groups.

Instead I decided for this blog I would share a few beginnings of topic sentences and then these became epigrams.

I realise now I have  many stories to share about the process and reason for writing.

When someone shares a piece of writing
there is often a glimmering of the state of their soul in there

Writers aren’t all heroes and admirable people
but they can be

writing crosses disciplines joined to it by the bridge of imagination
and mixes senses to make the intangible tangible

writing can be for bread and shelter
or nourishment and release

some seek fame and fortune
others sanity and freedom

those who write as if on a pilgrim’s quest
bring together intellect and heart
form and motive

those who write to entertain
are not neccesarily less

and behind every tv show that truly impresses
are writers who create something else actors breathe life into

writing compels me to dig into life
and mine social and physical sensation

it says dig deeper, search deeper
try to find new ways to say it

ultimately writing teaches me
some things are almost impossible to say with words

yet trying to do so
is a way forward


What compels you to write?

(c) June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

2 thoughts on “Writing about what compels me to write?

  1. Thought-provoking post, June. I’m glad you shared these words. I have saved it to my desktop so I can go back to it and read it again, mull it over more deeply as it deserves. It has certainly triggered a reaction in me.

    I have not belonged to any writing group other than Soul Food though I wish I could. The writers’ group here in the city isn’t suited to me. I know the people and we are not at all in the same ‘groove’ unfortunately. I’m lucky to still be in contact with the Soul Foodies.


  2. Thanks so much Stephanie, will be interested in hearing your thoughts if you want to share them.
    I have had very mixed experiences with other writers, writing teachers, English teachers, and writing groups, they are much like human beings, many and varied.

    Sometimes they nourish creativity and other times they can stifle it.
    They can be very supportive or full of ego and insecurity.

    The teacher and group with the least ego, seem to me to bring forth the underlying talent and worth of everyone.

    The measuring of success is something they vary in their approach to some material, some spiritual, some a combination of both.

    My conclusion from all of this, is that I would never ever stop writing whatever was done or said to me or about my work, whether I make it in the industry or not but I also would like my writing to become as beautiful, deep and meaningful,reflective, meditative, inspirational, innovative as it could due to its form and subject matter.

    These are all very personal decisions for each writer, but the more thoughtful they are about it, they more they can forge their pathway with authenticity.


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