Frangipani Dreaming

Frangipani Dreaming – June Perkins

Dear Daughter is teaching me how to use parts of the photoshop program that I don’t know very well.  There are lots of online videos, and classes you can go to, but I love that my daughter can teach me.

She’s learning it at school, but experiments a lot in the programs too and has developed her own short cuts.

She practices instruction now on me, and is naturally patient.  She is enthusiastic, excited and generous, and wants to let me know handy tips.

The above image  ‘Frangipani Dreaming’ is two photographs overlaid, with some art treatments,  shifting of layers and making of transparencies.

She taught me about doing things with the edges of photographs.  I did that but still have to work on internalising that technique.

I enjoy learning from watching, doing, and practicing.

They were both strong images to begin with.  They could happily exist non photoshopped but I like the feeling of the overlay.

For now I am going to practice with our first lesson elements and do them until I can remember them by heart!

I am teaching her to blog and might teach her some of the guitar and things about the camera I know if she’d like me to.  I have a feeling she is going to experiment with all of these things and  tell me things I don’t know about them all at some point.

Still I have lots of wisdom to impart about many things, and a lived life that she can learn from.

Now my next request is for her to teach her bubu (grandmother) how to skype!


Do you have a teacher that inspires you?


Yours in technology adventures,


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