In search of a title

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Exchange of cultures, at CRACA 2013 – by June Perkins

Searching for a title for my memoirs I want it to:

1. Convey my cultural and spiritual heritage
2. Be original
3. Be memorable
4. Be creative
5. Perhaps come from some key phrase in the memoirs itself
6. Honour family, friends and places
7. Have a poetic feel to it
8. Make you want to read the book
9. Convey some of the themes of the memoir
10.Reflect the structure of the memoir

Key ideas/words that could be there are: world citizen, Paisa, Australian, Mekeo, Baha’i, soul, frangipani, basket,flower, writer, gumbootspearlz, pearlz dreaming, peace, unity, nature, environment, trees.

If you have any ideas you’d like to suggest based on reading my blogs do let me know. I am going to play around with some ideas and try and make a list of possible titles.

Some titles from memoirs currently out there that capture my attention and inspire me in this title search are:

My Salinger Year
Atlas Girl
Half Broke Horses
Dear Life
Let’s pretend that never happened
The Year of Magical Thinking
Running with Scissors
Eat, pray, love
10% happier
A House in the Sky

The journey continues as the shape of the memoirs really begins to take place, and soon it’s time to stop writing and start editing and have people read it.
It’s also a time for me to dip into reading more memoirs to see if I can play more with the way mine unfolds and identify what is better not to mess with in this genre, but that is for another post.


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Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

3 thoughts on “In search of a title

  1. I loved the post with the title “Basket of Light,” so that’s my suggestion. But whatever the title turns out to be, I’m eager to read the book.


  2. Thanks for that suggestion, perhaps Baskets of Light might work and then I could have sections that are baskets with their own particular titles – makes me think of Tripitaka – sanskrit for three baskets…. . Looking forward to sharing it with the world of readers.


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