Show not tell poetry4peace

Tree planting at the Gap – By June Perkins

Feeling a little heart-broken with all the despair in so many parts of the world. Time to write lots more #poetry4peace

Another bomb

another bomb fell on Gaza
and more people died

more people were feeling anxious
about flying

breakfast television said it was because
of the news and events in Ukraine

mothers and children marched
their happiness through the streets
free from Russian occupation

an Israeli soldier
was kidnapped

another bomb fell on Gaza
and more mothers cried

breakfast television said
children under 7 should not
be exposed to too much gruesome news

in the middle of the night
boat people were flown to Nauru
their lawyers were surprised

I read some poems from a prisoner of Faith
Mavash Sabet
my heart wept for her
missing the great outdoors

and smiled at her strength
and the beauty of her poetic spirit
and capacity to love

another bomb fell on Gaza
a UN official sobbed

we planted trees in a Brisbane park
different nationalities and religions all together
no bombs dropped

another bomb fell on Gaza
and more people died

in the park
families planting
saplings for the next generation
we smiled and laughed
more people were there than expected

(c) June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

4 thoughts on “Show not tell poetry4peace

  1. Pear, there’s no making sense of violence. But your words and deeds show that there are alternatives.


  2. Remembering all those who have to live with it, and can’t escape it- wish I could send them a day to plant trees and laugh and feel safe..


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