In 2010, along with Mick, Melissa and Talitha, I helped curate an online Tropical Writing Game for the Tropical Writers Festival. This was one of the results of that game. The Festival is on again soon, and I will share some news about it in an upcoming blog. Missing those wonderful writers and collaborators from the North.

The goal of the story game was to have people respond to photographs and each other to colloboratively tell a story.  There were also photo prompts to do individual works.  The suggestion for the blog came out of a meeting of regional writers (outside of Cairns) suggesting creative ways to have involvement of people in the festival whether they could make it into the physical space or not.


Tropical Writing Game

believe in the possibility - dream

OBJECTIVE: Develop a story about the adventures of a little girl in pink gumboots.

This is the story about the girl in the pink gumboots…

(c) June Perkins, Prompt

So Clara finds herself at the edge of the banana fields wondering how many snakes and spiders and scary animals are peering back. For a moment she hesitates… then yells, “I’m not scared of you, silly animals!” The little girl looks defiant, determined, and proud, ready to take on the world and it seems she will, instead Clara stands quietly, continuing to look towards the banana fields.

(Mick Bromage)

A sticky silence comes back at her on the sweet, dessert-scented air. Clara lifts an eyebrow suspciously. She breathes in, digging the toes of her beautiful new boots against the soft earth, edging deeper by beetle and caterpillar steps into the plantation, when suddenly… “We’re not silly!” A shrill, nasaly voice screams…

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