Up for Discussion – You’re Just a Blogger

I could really relate to this commentary on blogging from Leanne, and asked for her permission to reblog this article.


Recently I was having a discussion with someone and I was told that I was “just a blogger”, with the implication being that I was no one important.  There was the implication that just because I write a blog that I was nothing else, and therefore there was no need to take me seriously.

Those words have haunted me, made me angry, and made me wonder, just what it is to be a blogger? Even my children tease me about it.  So where do these negative connotations for being a blogger come from?

I think it is interesting that people feel this way about them, considering, I just tried to find out, that WordPress alone has over 60 million blogs, that doesn’t count all the other blogging platforms that are out there.  So with millions and millions of blog, why does it have a bad reputation?

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0599I can’t answer that…

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4 thoughts on “Up for Discussion – You’re Just a Blogger

  1. That’s a bit like “You’re just a Mum” don’t you think? We are all the sum of our parts and if one of our parts is blogging then so be it. It’s an aspect of who we are. I find blogging a brilliant way to clarify my thinking. I know you can edit but the exercise of writing a blog post is good for ones writing neurones and synapses.


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