Mascots, Bush walks and holidays

Dragon – by my daughter

This is my desk mascot.  I am not sure what to name it.  My daughter hand crafted and gave it to me for my birthday.

What sort of things do you keep on your desk ?

I’ve been enjoying school holidays with my children and hubby.  We haven’t done anything too major, but enjoyed chilling, a bbq, a bush walk, catching up on our favourite shows (Person of Interest is back on!)  a trip to a look out and an outing with friends to South Bank.

This week we found Aboriginal cave paintings on a walking trail nearby, my youngest commenced his second cricket season, beginning with a summer clinic, and my two other children attended a youth day camp, one as participant and the other as a helper.  My eldest son enjoyed working on songs with the youth.

I’m amazed at how much nature is near Brisbane – as our drives through Fig Tree Pocket take us past horse paddocks and so much greenery.  Sometimes you could almost forget the city is there!

It’s interesting out there, and none of the houses look the same.  I love looking out for all the trees in blossom as well.  There is so much purple, pink and orange cascading everywhere.

It is fully spring and yesterday felt like the height of summer.

Tuesday, it will be back to more full on writing and sending off some submissions.  I am keen to work on some song writing and come up with a cohesive vision plan for the creative future.  I have been thinking a lot about a documentary idea, and am just trying to work out what I can do, should do, and have absolutely been dreaming of doing.  What do I need to achieve it? Do I need to return to school?  What creative communities can I tap into and make buddies in?

All the best to you, and your planning if you are in the midst of it as well.

Dragon by my daughter – it glows in the dark

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

2 thoughts on “Mascots, Bush walks and holidays

  1. June,
    Yours is a lovely blog to read – warm, intimate, personal and real…a pleasure.
    i don’t know why but i think that dragon is Agamemnon

    Best Wishes


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