Bare Feet Literacy

Continuing reflections on ecological literacy and the move from country to city, working gradually on a long piece – here is a section.

Following the Crow Song

Ebony and Ivory - leaves and feet Bare feet Literacy – June Perkins

The Cassowary Coast gave my children the chance to learn literacy in the land with their bare feet.

Whilst my children, especially when we first arrived in the Cassowary Coast, usually wore their shoes to school, most children went barefoot. The warm weather, the sand pits and playground under foot, breathing toes in humid classrooms were just many of the reasons this was the case.

In the Far North when children wear shoes to school any sneakers or other form of shoes tend to do. As for uniforms most children wear part of the school uniform, but maybe not the whole uniform every day. As we were leaving the high school was attempting to become stricter, but mainly students wore what they could afford of the school uniform and hand me downs as much as possible (making any transitions in uniform take some time…

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