Journey to Put the Monster to Sleep


The Wellness journey with psoriasis begins.

Yesterday I went to receive some new health advice at a specialist clinic which treats people without drugs or light therapy as predominantly used by many skin specialists.

I came away with a list of foods I am to now not eat, which are considered to be primary triggers. There were some surprises no-nos on the list such as tomato, potatoes, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit and strawberries.  Not so surprising, reducing sugar, and nuts.

I’m now on a renewed pledge to work on being more active, walking and swimming, losing weight, and sleeping well.  I have a set of topical treatments, cleanser and supplements (mostly consisting of zinc)  to use, and began using them last night. Most of all came away with a positive and determined outlook to move the psoriasis into remission. I asked a few questions about things that were bothering me and the answers seemed reasonable.

I’ve taken to reading the following site full of success stories of different treatment combinations as well. The thing I love about this site is how everyone’s success story of remission is different and yet equally inspiring.  It makes me want to press on until I find my secret formula.

The only distressing thing is that many studies have found psoriasis to have a genetic link, although it is not conclusive.  While susceptibility is increased for your children there is no guarantee that they will develop it, but there is also no way of preventing them from developing it.  Interestingly In 2008, a study found that only 10% of people with the genes common to psoriasis actually had it.   Psoriatic arthritis had a much stronger link to genetics than other forms of psoriasis.

The best thing is that after feeling really frustrated with my health I am going to work to turn that corner and take a wellness journey to coax my psoriasis into a remissive sleep.  It helps to think of it that way, a sleeping monster in need of taming.

Will report back on progress later.

You can read one of my poems on psoriasis HERE.


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