The Rose of Good Health

By Angela Marie Henriette Some Rights Reserved

In a quest for wellness, and a past quest for my son’s sleeplessness as a babe – I  have found specifically recommended alternative health practitioners life savers.  After exhausting all other options first, I have turned to them for assistance, but perhaps I should have consulted them at the same time.  Easy to see that in hindsight.

Now having used cranial osteopathy as well a chiropractor (specialising in children) for my son, along with trying a life style and special diet oriented approach to my skin (alongside using vitamin supplementation) I am of the firm belief that health professionals of all denominations need to work more closely together and learn from each others’ wisdom.

A future world will surely see us go into wellness centres, rather than medical centres, and have access to a team who really talk with each other, to help us  live healthier, and also enable us to, if not avoid, bring chronic conditions under control.

All health professionals will seek out others to assist their clients particularly when they are not having success. We will live healthier life styles, manage the foods we eat by generally eating more healthily but also have diets that are based on specific conditions we might develop from environment or genetic, our stress levels, and do enough exercise.

Our health funds will support all the things that make us well, even more so than they are beginning to do now. Another interest I have is in art/writing therapists, who use the power of the arts to further contribute to the development of strong mental health and who harness the power of imagination.

I often wonder why I have had the test of psoriasis and such a long journey to reach the beginning of growing a rose of wellness.  In that journey writing has kept me afloat.  Am I out of the woods?  Am I heading for a new spring time?

There is something to be said for understanding the enhancement that a suitable diet, and general well being both mentally and physically can play in the quality of our lives. My present successful treatment for psoriasis is not covered by medicare, but may be covered by some private health funds. My family is researching this now.

Have you had an amazing and interesting journey with learning to successfully manage a chronic health condition? 

What role has nutrition played for you? 

What role has meditation played for you?

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