Dear Sherlock Holmes

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Dear Mr Sherlock Holmes,

Did you know how many were going to play you on the big and small screen
and that your reinvention would lead you across time like the Phantom?

Did you have any inkling how universally your story would be shared?
Any at all?

Did you know you would be cast as egotistical yet caring,
brilliant and yet utterly emotionally unintelligent (with a case of aspergers)
and that Watson would be so understanding of your little
foibles and in emotional intelligence often outdo you and through it all
the violin, the fight against addiction and the brilliance would remain?

Did you foresee that your battle with Moriarty might become
a battle of brilliance based mainly on your ego and that Steven Moffat’s and Mark Gattis,
imagining of you has you have a ‘mind palace’ that you go into to solve your crimes?

The internal workings of brilliance signified by the’ mind palace’
give the film makers a chance to do imaginative, abstract
and sometimes down right loopy things on screen.

Did you know that the man who inspired you
would also grace the screen, and
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be
a factional character in a series called Murder Rooms?

Did you know how cool you would be with technology – texting, GPS and more?

How could you know that your fame would
lead you to dance through time, re-imagined, rewritten,
interpreted, unpacked – and vulnerable to fashion.

How could you see your future in fiction,
in the fandom rewritings
would take hounds and cliff top battles into the realm of legend.
And a television series would send up the whole concept of your fan club.
And play with the concept of multiple endings on one of the crimes.
TV with pick your ending!
Watson’s blog~ What a master stroke!

And you, you have your own blog as well.

Of course it has to be super clever.

Will future generations know you weren’t real, if essential records be lost
and only your blog and that of Dr Watson’s remain?

Will they rewrite you to tell their stories?

Take you as motif and reinvent you and Watson all over again?

If you know the answers to these questions
and begin answering them,
I’ll know that you will have
taken me into the realm of the fandom.

You will be tempting me to tell your story,
but in my case I would want to send
you to North Queensland and
see what happens to you there.

Or perhaps I’d encourage you to go there on holiday
and discover some emotional intelligence
to make you worthy of Molly.

I realise there just has to be
an irresistible puzzle for
you to solve.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr June Perkins,
budding detective of the social condition,
whose mother was an Agatha Christie Fan – who didn’t discover Sherlock until later.

P.S.  Yes, it really exists, a blog for John Watson

To visit  – John Watson’s Blog

Story on  – John Watson’s Blog

Yes, yes we’re getting to you, you clever boy –Sherlock’s Blog

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5 thoughts on “Dear Sherlock Holmes

  1. Great post. I am sure The Detective is much aware of your creative epistle. 🙂

    Were you aware of the Wold Newton Universe ? It is a great literary speculation & conceit that attempts to link up a host of fictional characters into one interconnected family. It all starts with the observation that a group of distinctive characters share some significant physical and intellectual characteristics & behaviour. Sherlock, Lord Greystoke (Tarzan), The Shadow and Sam Spade all have grey eyes.

    There will always be a Sherlock Holmes for every generation – there is a plan and it must be followed. 😀

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  2. I will definitely explore that post. I went looking to see if anyone had started an Oscar Wilde blog, or an Emily Dickinson one. There are so many possibilities. I am a massive fan of some of the writing on Doctor Who. My favourite being when they visited Vincent Van Gough.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dr. Who is such a remarkable mass media creation. I do not think that there is any other fictional character derived from a television show that has had such lengthy and complex existence across several media forms. AS a fictional character he has been tangentially linked to the Wold Newton Universe.

    Many thanks for visiting my Implied Spaces blog – it has become the place for my more experimental pieces prose & poetry.

    My Dark Pines Photo blog is predominantly photography and digital imaging with some creative writing. 🙂
    I do have a recent post on that blog with a Dr. Who connection.

    Surreal Thursday: Ghosts in The Abstract Art Gallery


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