Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto

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1- Save all things I am keen to publish in other formats by NOT placing them on my blogs.

2- Blog the process and support materials that assist me to create my memoirs, poetry, books and films (cool things like letters, programs and historical hyperlinks.) Share some RAW MATERIALS (try not to give too much, but just enough away).

3- Sometimes share short EXTRACTS, covers, or drafts for reader feedback with specific questions.Β  Make these extracts examples of my BEST WRITING.

4- Share the occasional poem or piece that I want the blog to be its publication and it is shared to inspire not for any profit or expectation (but still make sure people respect copyright by attributing it to me if reposting or sharing). STILL HAVE NOT FOR PROFIT writing.

5- CONNECT MY EBOOKS TO KEY PARTS OF THE BLOG and my online work by doing any of the above. Create special blogs for specific books that expand the journey of the book. Keep experimenting with this.

6- Take on commercial projects and commissions that generate income for me to have time to pursue the genres I love, that might not be so commerical. Mix it up more.

7- Look for work in tutoring, teaching at university level and other fields so as not to rely on my writing for income and thus write things that may not have commercial value but more spiritual and community value.

8- Close and remove posts that I think should be traditionally published.

9- Explore the possibilty of closed blogs or subscription based publication.

10- Keep exploring blogging as an art form and create blog specific projects to support myself and other writers. Look at adding a paypal donation aspect to my blog (like busking).

11- Keep visiting and supporting those who are doing any or all of the above themselves as bloggers.

12- Strive always to be an ethical blogger (attribute links, respect creative commons, link back to quotes.)

13- Save written work on blogs and from home more systematically in clouds (like I do with images on flickr) and back up, back up, back up.

14- Join more blogging collectives pursuing any of these same goals.

15- Edit, edit, edit.

16- Always where needed research and check facts for blogs carefully.

17- Share things that might not find a space of home anywhere else but my blog, as long as these are things my readers would enjoy.

18 -Consider always the READER! Be they family, potential publishers and so on.

19- Read my manifesto when considering hitting the post button.

20- Be proud of the things I have learnt blogging, (eg: the people I have connected to, the potential characters that I have been introduced to and not apologise for that.) That is share the learnings and power of blogging whilst avoiding its pitfalls.

So from now on you might see more ‘raw materials’ of my writing scanned and shared.

You might find the ending of a story missing. You may find a link you once read has vanished.

But don’t worry – that means a polished piece is on its way and a link to where to buy it will appear.

Interviews will continue, but sometimes I may not put them on my blog but will send them somewhere for publication – which may even be online.

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16 thoughts on “Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto

  1. πŸ˜‰ Argh, I am staying offline a little at least until Sunday have three urgent writing deadlines for a picture book comp, the novel for critique, and a short history article for online. But by all means let me know about it and I’ll participate if and when I can. Take care and keep up the writing. Do you have a writing group you go to? I found a great one.

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  2. Have been to many writing groups – all different casts of movies almost. I love their children’s and young adults writing group I am presently in – they are so inspiring with getting published or being published!

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  3. Pearl, it’s always a good idea to stop and evaluate where you are in your writing journey. Seems like a lot of smart decisions here. Good luck and looking forward to more good posts. Happy writing!

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  4. Thanks Melissa. Will certainly be still publishing and reading online but a rethink was in order. Very glad to have come across your work. Do stay in touch.


  5. This is great, especially for a beginner. Thanks. I’m going to be studying this until I have it down. πŸ˜‰ Then, when I’m ready, I’ll pass on the knowledge I have learned from you veterans of blogging, continuing the distribution of ammo to other novices. Lol. Really, thank you.


  6. Love the openness, honesty and accountability of your manifesto. Perfect quote too – really captures the transformative effect which sharing words and ideas can manifest! An illuminating enterprise! πŸ™‚


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