cropped-june-portrait.jpgDo respect all copyrights of images, words and videos shown on my page by myself and of the other artists and writers I have featured.

Do if you wish to make use of my work seek my permission and consult me prior to use.

Do if you like it enough to print it and put it on your wall consider supporting the work financially by purchasing it. You need a licence indicating how you are using it, for personal or commercial use.

I am okay with reblogs but would love it if you please ask me first so I can see what context my work is being reblogged into. I will get back to you as quick as I can. I do this myself when reblogging the work of others.

Do support my work through the purchase my books, art and tip me whenever this option is offered on my sites.

Engage in meaningful discussion on this page and give back to other online writers generous enough to share their thoughts, art, learnings, and writings.

Do if you like this site, let others know about it and encourage them to visit it.  They are always welcome.

You should never strip my words or images and reuse them (or that of any one else sharing their work online).

Thank you.

June Perkins aka gumbootspearlz aka Pearlz


2 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Did this after a discussion with a dear friend about online pros and cons. Thanks Milli. I did say to her I think the majority of my readers are very much respectful, but then you never know what might happen if you don’t state it clearly.

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