Underpass Art

Cultural Centre underpass – June Perkins

One of the things I love about cities is discovering the art in the underpasses and on the railway stop walls.  Some of these art works are commissioned creations; others are layers put over already existing art and blank walls by underground artists.

During the lead up to hosting the G20, the city concerned about how the world might see us, made an effort to add to and raise the quality of the underpass creations; while headlines proclaimed the blandness of much of the existing street art.

I still have to make it to some of that new art created, but for now I am noticing street art whenever I pass by it with my trusty camera phone.

Street Art doesn’t always last for long so I could make this a long term photography project and visit some of these spots again in three years or so and see if they have been painted over with new designs.

I definitely better make it to the Merivale Street Creations – for a follow up post; these ones are probably going to last about eight years and they look stunning in all the online documentary photos I have seen of them.

Perhaps in this journey I may meet some of the people who create these works or even happen upon the creation of one in progress; that’d be brilliant and something I’d love to film, although I think I’d be going for the legal projects for all sorts of reasons.

For more see The Pillars Project. 

(c) June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

7 thoughts on “Underpass Art

  1. Ooh, how lovely, Pearl. Thanks for sharing these with us–would love to see more. I have a favorite pair of trolls painted under a bridge near me. They may one day appear in a poem and then I’ll get to share the images.


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