Sneak Peek of the Teacher Notes: Magic Fish Dreaming


This is a brief update on the Magic Fish Dreaming Project.

Just letting you know the teacher/parent notes are nearly complete. You can view a sample over at the project blog.

Some brilliant supporters are sharing the blog and facebook links, or are planning to share the kickstarter link far and wide when we have lift off, including some lovely people from the area where the poetry is set.

Come and join us on the blog or at the facebook space so you can cheer us on when the campaign begins.
Magic Fish Dreaming FACEBOOK
Magic Fish Dreaming BLOG

For the Kickstarter I am editing the video trailer script today and drafting the rewards and details page to see what other information I need to complete it. I’m reading notes from Mira and Jed my kickstarter mentors.

And on another note today is very cold for Brisbane, so I am all rugged up remembering warmer days in the tropics hoping they might help keep me warm.

Magic Fish Dreaming

treefrog Green Tree Frog – one of the many creatures mentioned in Magic Fish Dreaming


Suggested Activities

Magic Fish Dreaming enhances the study of the natural world, encourages the exploration of poetry techniques,Β  inspires movement and acting and interests its readers in specific animals and habitat including, the beach, lagoons, rainforests and farms of North Queensland and Australia.

Its poems encourage readers to, explore concepts of size and discuss ecology and the theme of belonging to and caring for the land, community and friends. Most of all it’s full of poetry to inspire the imagination, creative thinking and the building of a relationship with the natural world.

Hunting for a Poem

This poem is about looking for things to inspire poems.

Ask children:
1. Have you read or had poems read you?
2. What is a poem?
3. How could you hunt for one?

1.Natural Sciences and Language Activity

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8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of the Teacher Notes: Magic Fish Dreaming

  1. Adore green tree frogs of any descript. This is shaping up to be one lovely project June. πŸ™‚


  2. We have some giants around our place June. They seem to survive the dry hanging out in the gutters. One regular, Freddo, kept reappearing year after year. They keep the geckos at bay, apparently.


  3. This project seems to be going ahead in leaps and bounds. I wish you every success with it.


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